Street Photography

Learn to identify our story

The really important thing is hidden from view.

What is it that we do not see?

The streets of life are full of stories. These stories sometimes exist for only a few seconds and then everything continues as if nothing happened.

And sometimes the stories are sitting there waiting for us. Waiting for us to come see them. And in order to see them – we need to learn to look at the world in a different way. Different from what we are used to. learn to see

I am a witness. Ido Haim Street photographer, phototherapist and moderator of photo voice groups.

To see differently from what I’m used to, means for me the ability to understand that the meaning of things depends on the way we see them. For this, it must be understood that from every point of view things look completely different than they appear at first glance. Learn to recognize the story that takes place for a fraction of a second sometimes, understand that there is something there – and take a picture.

Then when the magic happens, you can smell the colors and see the sounds.

This way, exactly the story is created from me, connects to the street and comes back to me.

And when you manage to connect the inner self with the world through the camera – you can understand what characterizes us. These features will appear in the image. And when we understand that – we can create change. The change will be gradual and will be reflected in the following pictures. We will notice it mainly at the stage when we become viewers of our photos. From this understanding – the change can be promoted. A change that can be reflected in everything we do.

And that only happens when you learn to see differently.

Legs of people jumping over a puddle